Thursday, January 26, 2012

This weeks discoveries

Well, I made a great discovery this week. At the suggestion of my girlfriend and one of her friends, I ventured to a store called Yamaya. Basically this is a chain liquor store from what I can see. It has a great selection of beer and liquor, more then I had time to browse. Though I did pick up a few beverages to sample this week. One of which I will be writing about today.

Let's just follow the picture (On left) From left to right. Asahi "Strong Off" at 7% alcohol it is indeed fairly strong, I'm not sure I have had a non-american beer with that high of an alcohol content. Really though, that was all it had going for it, no great taste to write home about.

The three new drinks I sampled this week
The second is Sapporo "Premium".  It was slightly darker then the normal Sapporo beer. Not bad, much more drinkable then the regular one, but it was well over 200 yen ($2.00) a can. So I can't see how it would be really worth drinking over the others. Reminded me of Budweiser Select, just a hair darker. Like regular bud, but in my opinion, still not worth drinking.

The third I had this week was one of the two I picked up at Yamaya. It is Tokyo Beer "Tama No Megumi" which seems (According to a quick Google search) is the same as Ishikawa? Correct me if I'm wrong. I did a little reading on the Ishikawa family, who lives in a part of Tokyo and has for over 400 years apparently. Though according to the bottle they have only been brewing since 1998.

The only other English on the bottle says "Bottle Conditioned"  a type of brewing process.  This particular drink from the Ishikawa brewery had a good mix of malty and wheaty, not being a wheat fan, it was not bad. I have had a similar taste before, but I can't remember when. Probably the Michigan Summer Beer Festival. At any rate, keep it real readers!

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  1. Hey Kelly, I just caught up with your last couple posts. Good stuff. I am interested in the saki. If you find a real good one I might try to find it. Cheers!