Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More oddities for the collection.

Over the last two days I had as many new beverages. The first was called Sirakami Sansui. This one, like some of the others, had a paper ribbon around the neck of the bottle. Unfortunately the only part of the ribbon I could make out was the number 12. 12th place? Who's to say...

Note the interesting tab cap on the Full Moon.
It tasted like a dark lager. With a somewhat more caramel taste then Labatt Blue or Molson. Not terrible, as I enjoy both of those drinks back home.  Though to note there was a website on the side of the bottle as well as an Email. Something I had not yet encountered. anywhere as far as I can remember. This seems to be the drink of a brewery/restaurant chain. Though as I can't read much on the web site, it will be a mystery for now.

The second beer I had was called Full Moon Beer. Finally! Something with a label I can easily read and understand. On the background of the label, there was a vague description about how the beverage has a more "Full bodied taste, after maturing a complete lunar cycle." Quite interesting I thought, so why not try it?

It had a somewhat sharp and hoppy start followed by a almost sweet and honey-like aftertaste. Very different. I can't say I can compare it to anything. Once I poured it, I was relieved to see the dark golden color. I had been worried it might be similar to Blue Moon. Of which, I'm not a huge fan. There's two more interesting beverages to add to the list. We shall see what the next week brings.

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