Friday, January 20, 2012

The next experience

The other day my girlfriend came home with a new beer from the same market I got the Bock from. Though to my dismay I couldn't read any of the label this time. Nothing. So I went to pouring it, hoping for the best, expecting...

Well, I expected it not to be terrible, as there was a paper label around the neck of the bottle declaring it had won some kind of award. Anyway, it was a golden brown color when poured and had a slightly wheaty taste. I'm not the biggest fan of wheat beer though so I did not enjoy it as much as others would I'm sure.  Though as far as wheat beer goes, it wasn't awful.

This brings me to my next discovery. Asahi Blue. Basically a less flavorful version of the Asahi "Dry" which I really liked. At 4% alcohol the Asahi Blue is very easy to drink. Noting the large 0 on the side of the can, it might be a light beer. Though it's still better then most light beers I have had to be fair.

Also I have had my first encounter with Japanese sake. It was much better than any I have had in the US. I don't have much to compare it to. Though this region of Japan does produce sake, I'm not sure if it is a local concoction.  I will attempt to acquire some soon though so I have a base line. I like to sample local food and drink when I can, to better appreciate the area.

At any rate it has been an interesting experience thus far. Thanks for reading. Until next time. Cheers!

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