Monday, August 19, 2013

A general post about life and the beer it has brought me.

Hello my dedicated readers. Sorry for the delay again. I have been super busy. As anyone reading the previous entries would be able to tell I had been living in Akita Japan, for the last year and some change.  I recently moved back to the good ole USA. I had been in Michigan for a very frenzied month, and just a few days ago moved to Pacific Grove in California.

Admittedly I have been to two beer festivals since I last wrote. I need to dedicate more time to writing, and less to drinking this good beer it seems.

First, I went to a small beer "festival" in Nakaichi in Akita. This was a few months ago. Again, sorry for the delay.
I recall some very interesting flavors, to be sure, peach and champagne were two that were better than expected. Also, taking notes will be in the future of my blog as well...

Dave, Jonathan and Tom
Beer drinkers extraordinaire
I had a great time with some good friends at the last beer festival I went to in Akita. It was a good time, great weather too.

As for my somewhat more recent beer festival adventure. I was able to attend the Michigan Summer Craft Beer Festival in Ypsilanti Michigan. It was great, as to be expected. There was some rain and it was a bit humid. Welcome to Michigan. But, the time spent with friends and family drinking good beer was fantastic as usual.

A good turnout, despite the rain!
My friends and I had a smoked red ale (from which brewery I can't remember). Which was fantastic, as well as several go to's such as Dragon's Milk from New Holland Brewing Company and one or two from Bells (Which I'm glad decided to show up to the festival).

Sorry for the limited update folks. Life has been crazy. One of my first purchases in California was a sampler of Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing beers. I haven't had a chance to properly sample them (with notes!) But I hope to soon!

Thanks again for reading. Cheers!

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  1. That smoked red was "Smoked Lager" from Arbor Brewing Company. FYI