Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Long time no post. Time for an update!

Well sorry again for the delay. Life can get busy. As it is I hope to be more consistent in my writing but, I promise nothing.

Since my trip to Okinawa I have had several trips to Aquila Brewhaus in the city. Good stuff as usual. Though nothing terribly new. I plan on attending a beer festival in Akita city next weekend. Hopefully I can snap some photos and get a decent review of the beers of the day.

As for the recent discoveries ...
First, is a beer I have been reluctant to try, Echigo's white ale. Overall I was concerned thinking it might have a overwhelmingly wheat taste. I was surprised to find it was quite drinkable, slightly wheaty but not too bad, with a little bite.
Next I was pleased to find this behemoth the Kaiserdom dark lager. Wow. It is 1 liter of beer. Very impressive. It was something like 525 yen. A fair price for the quantity of beverage. The taste was not amazing, it had a very plain kind of stout taste, not super flavorful but drinkable. I enjoyed it. Though I will admit it was a commitment to drink.

Next is the Grand Kirin, which I found at a local (and new) 7/11 convenience store. Sometimes they have good stuff. So I decided to try one of the big beer companies. It was a bit pricey, like 280 yen? It was in a strange greenish bottle too. Perhaps Kirin was trying to be classy. Anyway at 6% alcohol it was alright. not worth the price, no notable flavors. Just a slightly higher ABV .  Next we have the red Coedo. It was sweet potato flavor. Which apparently is a good thing in Japan. As I really have been fond of several of the other Coedo beers I thought it might be pretty good. It was interesting. A bit sweet, believe it or not, and a bit too much for my tastes. Possibly with some salty snacks to balance it out it might have been a bit better. A strange drink, not awful. Probably worth a try, for ~280 yen, its a decent choice.  Next there is the Echigo Kolsch. Not so different from the white actually, I enjoyed it a bit more. But, it had a very similar taste. Somewhat bitter, less wheat flavor and a small hop accent. Overall pretty good. Last is Bohemia, a fairly average pilsner, crisp and drinkable.

 Lastly we have the SUPER KOMACHI BEER! Released by Tazawako brewing company, to celebrate the starting of the Super Komachi train, (pictured on the can)  the Super Komachi ALT is pretty good, a nice deep red color full body, tons of flavor crisp after taste, sadly though VERY expensive, over 400 yen for 100 milliliters. (Thanks for the beverage Tom!)

Well that's all for now. Take care readers!

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