Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Beer tasting party

Hello again! Sorry for the delay! Work has been crazy as usual. So, as I promised earlier I have taken some note of one of the more recent beer filled adventures I have had in Japan.  Last month I had some friends over and we sampled several beers from around the world.

Starting on the left we have Coedo from Saitama Japan, the brown is quite good, can't say I remember the blue can as well (good or bad?).  Next we have Satan Red from Belgium, and yes, there was a toast to Satan for this beer. Very metal. It was a fairly strong and heavy taste, a reasonably ABV too.  Following the Satan Red we have a hometown brew for me: The Ypsi Gypsi from Arbor Brewing Company. The Gypsi is a pale ale, with some good flavor, and like some of the other brews I brought to the table, a taste of home. Next there is Samurai from Great Divide Brewing in Colorado. It's apparently a rice beer. Though none of us were terribly fond of it. There was a slight sakeish taste to it, overall an odd drink.  The next two were German, Sorry I have no more insight, no one at the party could read or speak German. I do recall them being fairly dark in color and full flavor as many German drinks tend to be. The next is Mc Chouffe from Brasserie d'Achouffe. It had a slightly fruity taste from what I recall. Not my favorite as some of my readers might note. Overall not a loss though. 

Ben, myself, Tom and Yuki admiring the collection.
Continuing from the left we have several more Michigan brews, starting with  Dirty Bastard from Founders. Personally my favorite from the lot. The Scotch style ale sits at 8.5% ABV. Very solid, great color, with a rich full taste. The next two are brown ales, the first is  Best Brown Ale, from Bells Brewery, another great Michigan brewery The next is Nut Brown from Arcadia Ales in Battle Creek.  A slightly nutty taste as the name would suggest, a full bodied beer with an overall great taste. The next pictured is Siren a amber ale from North Peak Brewing. Very easy to drink, a light malty taste from what I remember. The next two are also from Arcadia, sampler 12 packs are a win in my book. Japanese breweries need to take note of this.  First the is the IPA, 5.9% ABV, with a great hop flavor, and a slight nutty aftertaste. A good IPA, (Then again I'm partial to IPAs). The last one is another Scotch style ale, Loch Down sitting at 8.3% ABV it is a very hearty drink. Slight alcohol taste, not bad, but a little different then most of the previously mentioned drinks. Overall a very rich full flavor though. Likely one I would buy again in the future. 
Yuki, Tomohiro and Mori 
Yuki posing with the cap from the
Satan Red.
As a whole the party went really well! My guests were pleased with the selection of brews from around the world, though not as many as I would have liked, I think everyone had a great time. I hope to get the opportunity to have a similar event soon. Thanks for reading!

Thanks to Sarah for taking all of the pictures!

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